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In keeping with best practice, our Board oversee the Group’s worldwide operations through a unitary Board and five separate Committees – Audit, Nominations, Remuneration, SHESEC and Disclosure

Board Governance Structure

Board Governance Structure

We are committed to high standards of corporate governance. Read our Corporate Governance Report in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Board of Directors

The board is responsible for corporate governance, developing strategy and major policy, reviewing management performance, approving financials and for our system of internal control.

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Members of the Board of Directors

Rick Haythornthwaite - Chairman

Iain Conn - Group Chief Executive

Jeff Bell - Group Chief Financial Officer

Margherita Della Valle - Non-Executive Director

Joan Gillman - Non-Executive Director 

Mark Hanafin - Group Executive Director and Chief Executive, Energy Production, Trading and Distributed Energy

Stephen Hester - Senior Independent Director

Mark Hodges - Group Executive Director and Chief Executive, Energy Supply & Services, UK & Ireland

Carlos Pascual - Non-Executive Director

Steve Pusey - Non-Executive Director

Scott Wheway - Non-Executive Director

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Internal Control

The Board’s review of the system of risk management and internal control.

Each year, an extensive process of self-certification operates throughout the Group whereby the effectiveness of internal controls and compliance with the Group’s Business Principles and policies are assessed. Self-certification is completed both at the half year and full year. The results of the annual process, together with the conclusions of the internal reviews by internal audit, inform the annual assessment of the effectiveness of the systems of risk management and internal controls performed by the Audit Committee and the SHESEC Committee, on behalf of the Board, in 2017. Where necessary improvements and enhancements to financial and commercial controls in the North America Business unit have been recommended and will be implemented in 2018.

The Board, with the advice of the Audit Committee, has reviewed the effectiveness of the system of risk management and internal control, for the period from 1 January 2017 to the date of this report and is satisfied that the Group complies with the FRC’s Guidance. The Board will continue to routinely challenge management in order to ensure that the system of risk management and internal control is constantly improving and remains fit for purpose.

Articles of Association

The Company adopted its current Articles of Association at the 2016 AGM held on 18 April 2016.

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