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Centrica plc is an international energy and services company.

Our purpose is to satisfy the changing needs of our customers in a rapidly evolving energy world.

In 2015 our Strategic Review was founded on an analysis of market trends and sources of growth, and the capabilities and efficiency necessary to pursue them profitably.

The three fundamental trends we identified and which are changing the landscape – decentralisation, shifting of power to the customer, and digitisation – are even clearer today and are playing out in line with our views at the time.

There are three shifts driving change in the energy market and in our business: decentralisation of the energy system, customer power and digitisation. Our strategy means that Centrica can react quickly and flexibly to these changes, and is strongly positioned to meet the needs of our customers, now and in the future.

Iain Conn, Group Chief Executive

Strategic approach and business model

Our chosen businesses and capabilities mean that we are well placed to deliver for our customers and to meet our broader obligations to society.

Our business model is designed to deliver returns and growth through efficient operations and a focus predominantly on our customer-facing businesses. We are organised in two global customer‑facing divisions: Centrica Consumer and Centrica Business.

Centrica Consumer


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Centrica Business


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Asset Businesses


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Centrica Consumer is designed to support the needs of residential consumers and Centrica Business is designed to support the needs of the business customer.

Our customer-facing businesses are supported by the common operating functions of Customer Operations and Field Operations. These functions are where we touch the customer and are fundamental to our success.

Our Central Power Generation business is included within the Centrica Business division given its role in the management and optimisation of central power generation and its interface with wholesale markets.

Our remaining two asset businesses of Exploration & Production (now under the Spirit Energy joint venture) and Centrica Storage, are operated separately and continue to play an important role in our portfolio.

To ensure our model remains efficient and scalable, all businesses are supported by a number of centre-led Group Functions that are responsible for setting boundaries and standards which allow us to effectively manage risk and ensure a strong system of internal control. In everything we do, we are committed to the highest standards of safety and compliance. We aim to be a good corporate citizen and an employer of choice.

Centrica Senior Management Team
Iain Conn
Iain Conn
Jeff Bell
Mark Hodges
Mark Hanafin

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