Graduate FAQs

Where will I be based and how long for?

Your location will depend on which programme you choose. You must remain geographically flexible throughout the programme and throughout your career. Some programmes may offer international opportunities. More information is available on each stream specific page.

How flexible are you about location?

While we aim to offer a choice of locations, all graduates should remain flexible with regards to placements.

How much will I be paid?

Please see the salary and benefits page.

When will I start?

Graduate programmes will start on Thursday 4th October 2018. The finance graduate programme will start earlier on Thursday 13th September 2018.

What training and development will I be given?

At Centrica, we adopt a 'blended learning' approach to your development. This includes on the job training, structured performance management, as well as formal training activities. Your programme will be balanced and structured, with a stream specific development path, supported by the business and a focus on Centrica's leadership behaviours.

Your technical skills are honed throughout your placements, and give you a broad business experience. A dedicated talent board will source the very best opportunities for you and the graduates in your stream.

A structured support network will aid your progression. Firstly, your line manager will help you on a day to day basis ensuring that you have everything you need to perform in your role, and will undertake regular performance reviews with you. Secondly, your Graduate Talent Manager will provide ongoing support during your time on the programme and will provide advice on suitable rotational placements. Thirdly, your career mentor will help guide you through the programme and into your first substantive role with Centrica.

Throughout the course of your graduate programme, you will develop self awareness and an understanding of the need to drive your development, and a number of opportunities will be available to hone these skills. For example, as a university campus manager you can develop your leadership and project management skills by leading a team responsible for recruitment activity at a UK university. Or, by volunteering to coach summer interns or work on projects for charities you can develop a range of skills such as coaching techniques, collaboration and influencing.

We believe professional qualifications are vital for our functional specialists and so, where relevant, you'll have the chance to study for professional qualifications.

What level of support will I receive?

A buddy will be assigned to you once you have accepted your offer of employment and returned your signed contract; these are current graduates. They will be on hand to give you advice based on their experiences, such as settling into your location or your first placement, enabling you to make a smooth transition into Centrica.

A graduate talent manager assigned to your functional stream, will be responsible for overseeing your performance and development during your graduate programme. They will call you to welcome you to Centrica soon after you join and you will meet them during induction week.

Your line manager will be your first point of contact during your placement. He or she will call you before you join to welcome you to the area of the business and discuss the role with you.

The central graduate team manage the programme centrally and will be on hand to give you any further support you need during your time with us.

Are there international opportunities?

As an international company we are able to offer some international opportunities to graduates although these are limited to specific streams and are dependent on business need.

In the past our graduates have been based in US, The Netherlands and Norway. However, this is down to business need and can vary from year to year.

Can I defer for a year?

Unfortunately, Centrica cannot accept deferred applications. If you're taking a gap year to broaden your horizons through travel, work experience or voluntary work or you are embarking on further studies, we would love to hear from you. You could either consider our summer placement programme instead with the view of trying to secure a graduate role for after your gap year. Otherwise please submit your graduate programme application next autumn.

What will I be doing?

This section of our website includes lots of information on what our graduates do during the programme. Visit the our programmes page to find out about individual programmes.

What input do I have on the placements?

The graduate talent boards have overall responsibility for the deployment of graduate talent within their stream. The roles will be dependent on three main criteria; business need, personal aspirations and developmental need.

The talent board will ensure the opportunities presented to you will enable you to get the experience needed to leave the graduate programme as a professional in your specialist area.

Flexibility is essential in order to maximise your opportunity on the graduate programme.

Are graduates able to get involved in other activities?

Yes. We encourage graduates to take part in activities outside their job role. Our university campus teams are made up of graduates who go back to campus in order to promote the opportunities at Centrica. If you make it through to the assessment centre, you will no doubt be introduced to some current graduates who will be able to tell you about their experiences on the graduate programme.

There are also opportunities to get involved with our blogging and social media activities to let everyone know about your experiences on the graduate programme if you are successful. We also look for graduates to help at assessment centres to facilitate and answer questions from the students applying.

Graduates also take part in a charity challenge.

Will I be entitled to have annual leave during the programme?

Yes you will! Please refer to the salary and benefits page for the full list of benefits.

Can I expect any support when I change locations during the programme?

During rotation periods graduates will be given sufficient notice so that any necessary arrangements can be made. If your next placement location is more than 25 miles away, you will be given a day off to look for accommodation and another to move to your location and reasonable travel expenses for these trips.  The current and ex-graduate network is very supportive and can offer advice when you change locations.  Please note that you will be paid an initial £3000 joining bonus.

Is there an application deadline?

We do have a deadline, please look at the individual programmes for more information. Please note that as we run an ongoing selection process, we may fill vacancies earlier than the advertised date and thus may close sooner than this deadline. Please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Can I change the stream that I apply for once I have submitted my application form?

Please do take time to read the information about each programme so you can make an informed decision about the graduate programme that you want to apply for. In some cases if your preferred graduate programme has been filled, you can ask to be transferred to another graduate programme or onto a summer placement programme if you have a strong desire to pursue another route.

I am due to graduate in june and the graduate programme doesn’t start until september/october. Is there any way to undertake a placement/job with Centrica between June and September?

We do run a summer placement programme during that time but this programme is designed for students who are looking to begin their graduate programmes the following september/october. On occasions we have been able to accommodate this situation.

What happens after the programme ends? Will I be hired by Centrica?

As you approach the end of the graduate programme you will be supported by the graduate team and the talent board to secure a permanent role within the business.

What is Centrica's plan for the next few years?

Our strategy is about satisfying the changing needs of our customers. Serving our customers is what we are known for, what we are good at and where we have distinctive capabilities.  Read more on Centrica's strategy.

Why are you recruiting graduates?

Graduates who apply to us have already proved they are academically capable. Our aim is to give these graduates the opportunity to work in new environments, with different types of people in different roles.

Graduates offer a fresh approach, facilitating change and identifying opportunities that may not be seen by other employees. This is an extremely dynamic organisation with a desire for growth and we are looking for graduates with similar drive and ambition to take the company forward.

Why do you recruit for the graduate programmes that you do?

The business is always looking for new talent and as our priorities change, we add new graduate programmes. The graduate programmes that we currently run are areas of the business that are looking for a graduate pipeline to fill opportunities of the future

Why do I need to have a degree to be considered for the programme - are there other levels of qualifications that can be considered instead?

Graduates have already proved they are academically capable, and Centrica is looking for these graduates to take on new challenges as they work through the graduate programmes. We do have opportunities available for applicants with a variety of skills and qualifications and so if you do not feel that the graduate or summer placement programmes apply to you, view other career opportunities

I have obtained a third-class classification degree. Can I still apply?

Our minimum requirements are that you have or are predicted to get at least a 2:1 degree classification for most of our programmes. Some require a Masters degree. If you have a third-class degree, you will not be eligible for the programme. We do advertise vacancies outside of the graduate and summer placement programme. View other career opportunities here

Can I apply to more than one of the programmes/make more than one application per year/apply to the summer placement programme if I am not successful at the graduate recruitment process?

You can only make one application per academic year.  We prefer applicants to have a clear focus on which programme they would like to apply for when they submit their application. However, if the area you applied for is no longer hiring (or if we have had substantial volumes of high quality applications), we may consider transferring your application to your second preference as stated on your application form.

I haven't graduated yet and so how can I tell you my degree classification?

Please could you enter your expected degree result based on your current grades.

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