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Frequently asked questions

Concerned that the recruitment offer is not genuine?

Please be aware of fraudulent recruitment activity. Centrica will never offer a job or contract without first having gone through a detailed recruitment process which will involve at least one face to face meeting or assessment centre. If an offer looks fraudulent, it probably is. Offers coming from e-mail accounts which are not from the Centrica group such as .yahoo, .msn, .hotmail accounts are fraudulent. Do not share personal information with these accounts and report anything suspicious to

What is the best way to find a job that suits my needs?

Visit the search and apply page to find positions that might be right for you. The search results page will show all open positions that match your criteria – click on the job titles for detailed descriptions and the option to apply for a job.

What can I do if there is currently nothing suitable for me?

If the search results show no suitable positions you can register with us and when a new position becomes available that meets your search criteria you will be emailed or texted with an alert.

Can I send my CV speculatively for current or future vacancies?

At this time we only accept applications for open vacancies, which are advertised on the website – but you can register your search criteria with us as mentioned above.

How flexible are you on location/hours?

We have policies to offer practical support to help our employees meet their personal responsibilities. We are constantly identifying new opportunities to offer more flexibility in your work – providing the tools, equipment and support processes to enable you to work effectively wherever you are, and in a way that suits your preferred style.

What training and development opportunities would I be given?

We have built up a range of professional and personal skills development programmes, and encourage our employees to participate in the one that’s right for them.

What opportunities are there for career progression?

Given the size and complexity of our business, the avenues for developing your skills and your career are numerous. Personal development will always be a possibility, because we strongly believe in giving people the scope to set and realise their own goals. If you want to make the most of your career, we'll encourage you all the way.

Are there any international opportunities?

Centrica has offices in North America, Norway as well as the UK, and the opportunities will depend on your skills and motivation.

How would my performance be managed?

As well as informal discussions and regular reviews with your manager, you’ll have an annual performance review designed to help you set clear goals and identify the skills and support you need to achieve them.

Do you recruit graduates?

We have a number of award-winning graduate programmes:

  • Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Subsurface
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customer Operations
  • Analyst
  • Human Resources
  • Health, Safety & Environment

Please visit our graduate recruitment site.

I am interested in working as a British Gas engineer, where do I get more information?

We would like to hear from you! Please visit our British Gas Jobs website to find out more.

Do I need a work visa?

We are unable to employ anyone who does not have the legal right to live and work for Centrica in the UK.

Due to the coalition government's interim immigration limits Centrica's ability to sponsor employees under Tier 2 (General) of the Points Based System is very limited. Candidates from outside the European Economic Area are therefore encouraged to explore immigration routes which will allow them to work in the UK without such sponsorship.

If your application is successful, your appointment and continued employment with Centrica will be conditional upon you ensuring that you continue to have the right to work and carry out the proposed employment legally in the UK. Therefore it is important that you answer truthfully to all questions regarding your right to work in the UK as you will be unable to start employment until you have provided Centrica with satisfactory original evidence of your right to work and carry out the proposed employment legally in the UK. If at any time during your continued employment you are unable to comply with this requirement, then Centrica reserves the right to terminate your employment immediately, without notice.

For more information, please view the Home Office's summary on working in the UK. Working in the UK

Why do you do pre employment checks?

Centrica takes the protection of our customers, our people, our brand and their data / assets very seriously. The principals underpinning our pre-employment checking process are that in making recruitment decisions we do our utmost to:

  • Ensure our customers, our people and the public are safe from and not caused harm by our employees
  • Protect our customers’ (and our people’s) assets from theft or misuse by our employees
  • Protect the company’s assets from the same
  • Protect the Centrica / British Gas reputation and brand
What pre-employment checks can I expect to be done?

The checks conducted will vary depending on the role you have been recruited for. In all cases we will confirm your right to work in the UK and conduct a financial check, as well as a Basic Disclosure check (also known as a Basic criminal record check). We will also take up as appropriate some or all of the following: 3 or 5 year employer references, professional qualification or membership, education, FCA or Director checks. In a very small number of cases National Security Vetting may be required.

What is National Security Vetting and does it apply to me?

National Security Vetting is an enhanced level of screening for employees working on sites considered to be of importance to the UK’s national infrastructure. In the case of Centrica it applies to only a small number of roles. If it is relevant to you this will be pointed out in the job description and again during the recruitment process. If you have already gone through an appropriate level of screening due to the nature of a previous role, you may not require to undertake it again. This will be determined on a case by case basis. If you feel that this may apply to you, please bring it to the attention of our recruiter at the earliest opportunity.

What does a criminal record check involve?

We will obtain a Basic Disclosure check. In a limited number of cases a higher level of investigation may be conducted but where this is the case it will be stated in advance. The Basic Disclosure check will confirm to us any convictions (including road traffic offences) not considered spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Do I need to declare any convictions in advance?

Yes. When asked you should declare any unspent convictions (no matter how irrelevant you may feel they are) on your application or at the earliest opportunity. If you fail to self declare and a conviction is brought to our notice via the check, we may view this as an attempt to conceal the offence from us.

What is an unspent criminal conviction?

It is your responsibility to know if any offence you've committed is spent or not. If you're unsure you should seek guidance from the issuing authority. Please note that this will include road traffic offences.

I have an unspent criminal conviction registered against me. Does this mean I can't work for Centrica?

Whilst all roles within Centrica require a Basic Disclosure check, each case is reviewed individually; some of the factors we take into consideration are:

  • Nature of offence(s)
  • Were the offence(s) fully and openly declared to us in advance or did we only become aware as a result of the disclosure check
  • Does the disclosure show more than one offence committed over a period of time
  • Would the penalty imposed in relation to the offence(s) negatively impact on your ability to carry out the duties of the role

Having fully considered the matter we will take a realistic view as to whether or not the offence(s) committed impacts on our ability to employ you in the role.

What does a financial check show?

The financial check conducted by Centrica looks for any bankruptcies, sequestrations or debt relief orders. It also checks for county court judgements, sheriff court decrees, individual voluntary arrangements, protected trust deeds and administration or composition orders registered in your name.

Do I need to declare any adverse financial history in advance?

Yes. When asked you should declare any bankruptcies, sequestrations or debt relief orders. You must also disclose any county court judgements, sheriff court decrees, individual voluntary arrangements, protected trust deeds, administration or composition orders on your application or at the earliest opportunity. If you fail to self declare and an issue is brought to our notice via the check, we may view this as an attempt to conceal it from us.

I have a county court judgement registered against me. Does this mean I can't work for Centrica?

No. We will take a realistic view as to whether your adverse financial history, in its entirety, fits within what we consider to be an acceptable limit.

I believe that I have a condition that requires adjustments to the assessment process – what adjustments can be made?

If you have a condition or circumstance that may affect your application you should alert the Centrica Recruitment Team to this when asked during the application process. The Centrica Recruitment Team can then make the hiring manager aware so that possible adjustments can be discussed with you.

There are no adjustments required to the online personality and ability tests. There is no time limit with any online personality questionnaires, so you can take as long as you need to complete them. Our online ability tests were designed to avoid the adverse impact that timed tests can cause to candidates whose reading speed may be affected by visual impairment, conditions such as dyslexia, as well as those who speak English as an additional language.

The tests avoid having an adverse impact on those with a slower reading speed by using a number of features:

  • Time limits are extended by 25-50% for all candidates, which research has indicated does not advantage non-dyslexic candidates, but ensures that dyslexic candidates can demonstrate their full ability
  • Verbal tests contain business English only and do not require any culture-specific knowledge
  • Numerical tests keep verbal information to a minimum to prevent scores being affected by speed reading
  • All tests can be adjusted within your browser to adopt large print-sizes, high-contrast settings, and are fully compatible with screen-readers and refreshable Braille
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