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Centrica normally declares two dividends each year. The interim dividend is usually paid in November and the final dividend, recommended for approval at the Annual General Meeting, is normally paid in June.

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Direct dividend payments

Centrica operates a service that pays dividends automatically into shareholders' bank or building society accounts. This service gives shareholders a number of benefits and also helps Centrica improve its efficiency by reducing postage and cheque clearing costs.

Many of our shareholders are already enjoying the benefits from this service which include:

  • no chance of your dividend cheque going missing in the post, saving you the hassle of requesting a replacement;
  • your dividend is received directly into your account on the payment date; and
  • a single consolidated dividend confirmation is issued at the end of each tax year in March, in time for your self-assessment tax return.

Shareholders with a UK bank/building society account should use the Direct Dividend Payment Form whilst corporate shareholders should use the Corporate Mandate Form. Please return the completed form to Equiniti as directed.

Shareholders who choose to receive their dividends by cheque will receive a dividend confirmation attached to each dividend cheque.

Scrip dividend programme

At the 2018 AGM, shareholders approved the renewal of the Scrip Dividend Programme (the Programme). The Programme allows shareholders to increase their shareholding in Centrica without incurring dealing costs or stamp duty.

Shareholders who participate in the Programme receive their dividends in the form of shares instead of in cash. The Programme will be available to all shareholders entered on the Company's register, including CREST members, subject to certain restrictions for shareholders resident outside the UK. If you hold your shares indirectly, you should contact your nominee to confirm if you are able to participate. For full details, please read the Scrip Terms and Conditions

Summary of the Programme

  • You receive new shares instead of a cash dividend.
  • The number of new shares you receive is calculated by reference to: the number of shares you held at the relevant dividend record date; multiplied by the cash dividend rate which is then; divided by the scrip reference share price.

The Scrip reference share price is the average of the closing middle market quotation for Centrica ordinary shares, derived from the London Stock Exchange Daily Official List, for five consecutive days starting with the relevant ex-dividend day. Only whole shares will be issued and any residual cash that is left over will be retained and added to the amount of cash available for the next dividend.

Once the new shares have been issued, a Scrip dividend statement will be sent to you along with a new share certificate. If your shares are held in FlexiShare, you will receive an account statement and CREST members will have their accounts credited directly.

How do I join the Programme?

If you hold your shares in either FlexiShare or certificated form, please complete, sign and return the relevant Mandate Election Form(s):

FlexiShare Scrip Mandate Form  

Certificated Scrip Mandate Form 

To be effective for a particular dividend, Equiniti must receive the form no later than 4:30 pm on the published election date. CREST members should consult with their CREST sponsor who will be able to take the appropriate action on their behalf.

Unless revoked, your election will apply to all future dividends where a scrip dividend is offered.

How do I withdraw from the Programme?

If you wish to withdraw from the Programme, please complete a Scrip Dividend Revocation Form and return it to Equiniti. To be effective, Equiniti need to receive your request no later than 4:30 pm on the published election date.

Find out more about the Programme

More information regarding the Programme can be found in our Shareholder FAQs.

If you have any further questions about the Programme then please contact the dedicated Centrica Shareholder Helpline on 0371 384 2985 from the UK or +44 121 415 7061 from outside the UK. Lines open 8.30am to 5.30pm (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in England and Wales).

Scrip Dividend Timetable and Scrip Reference Share Price

Overseas dividend payments

The Overseas Payment Service provides shareholders in over 90 countries worldwide with the opportunity to receive Centrica dividends in their local currency, and it normally costs less than paying in a sterling cheque. Shareholders can have their dividends automatically converted from Sterling and paid into their nominated bank account normally within five working days of the dividend payment date. For further details please visit the Overseas Payment Service website or contact the Centrica shareholder helpline on +44 121 415 7061. Lines open 8.30am to 5.30pm (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in England and Wales).

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