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Being a responsible business drives long term value for our business and society.


We provide energy and services that are at the heart of our customers’ lives. To continue doing that and generate greater value in society over the long term, we focus on being a responsible business.

Our focus areas:

Being a Responsible Business - 2017 Highlights - Centrica

With this focus, we can realise our strategy to deliver for the changing needs of our customers and be a trusted corporate citizen, an employer of choice and a 21st century energy and services company, driving long term shareholder value through growth.


To ensure we can take meaningful action on the most important issues facing our business, we prioritise them by assessing their ‘materiality’ - the extent to which issues are important to our business and our external stakeholders.

Centrica Responsibility - Materiality Matrix

To do this, we need to fully understand the risks and opportunities facing our business. So we engage key external stakeholders such as our customers, politicians and NGOs alongside internal experts from across the business. Prioritising issues through this process, enables us to focus our efforts on effectively managing our impact and our stakeholder relationships.

Our materiality assessment is run every two years. This allows us to reflect any significant changes across our business or the marketplace. Our next assessment will be published in 2019.