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Caring for our customers

We care about our customers and challenge ourselves to provide market leading products, services and solutions that not only satisfy them, but enhance their lives and business success.

Caring for our customers - infographic
Caring for Our Customers - Centrica - Infographic


We want to save customers time and money, while making it easier for them to understand energy.  We are investing in our customer service capabilities by improving customer service systems and enhancing training for our people. 

We are also delivering benefits through growing innovative customer offerings like our Hive ecosystem of products and services. Overtime, these efforts will improve customer satisfaction and reduce complaints.

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Our Distributed Energy & Power business is giving large-scale energy users the power to operate and optimise their energy so that they can use it more efficiently. This increases operational resilience and unlocks new sources of revenue for growth.  For example, £980 million could be saved on annual energy bills if just 50% of the UK’s Industry, Healthcare and Hospitality & Leisure sectors utilised distributed energy solutions.


It's vital that we identify those who need a helping hand with their energy. Our call centre agents receive award-winning vulnerability training while our strategic partnerships enable us deliver invaluable bill assistance, debt advice and energy efficiency improvements. We want to help others help those in need so we supported the development of industry guidance that will enable the entire utility sector to become dementia-friendly.


Helping Those in Need - Infographic
Helping those in need - Centrica - Infographic

Energy bills can be a real worry for hard-pressed households. We regularly review our prices to ensure they remain competitive and inform customers if they could save money by moving to a different tariff. Over 80% of the energy bill is, however, made up of costs we cannot fully control such as wholesale energy costs, distribution charges and social and environmental taxes.

Average British Gas Bill Costs Breakdown

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