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Life Saving Rules

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We do it safely or not at all.

We care, we take the time to do it right.

We are guided by these simple principles in our everyday operations; as we don't take risks with our own or other people's safety, regardless of what it might mean from a financial point of view. Because we care for one another and for the work we do.

 Our culture of care requires us to:

  • Follow defined rules and procedures
  • Stop any job that becomes or feels unsafe
  • Intervene positively if observing an ‘at risk’ situation

Take a look at our health & safety rules.

Life Saving Rules


Monthly themes

Click to download the health & safety theme:

January - Our Process Safety Framework

February - Observations and Interventions

March - Competence

April - Risk Assessment

May - Safe System of Work

June - Management of Devices

July - Safe Lifting Operations

February - Operate Plant & Equipment Safely


Prioritising safety to protect our people and keep our customers safe
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